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I am a member of the Johns Hopkins Oncology Patient and Family Caregiver Council and now a frequent speaker advocating for the patient voice in health care, particularly urging not just patient-centeredness but also patient-partnering. I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer (MDS) in late 2012 and am currently kept alive by regular blood transfusions.

A lawyer, now semi-retired, I have focused most of my professional life on ensuring that courts and legal systems are build around the needs of litigants, not courts judges and attorneys, and that the voice of litigants is heard throughout those systems. Indeed, it meant more to me than you can imagine when I was recently described in a Resolution of Recognition by the Conferences of Chief Justices and State Court Administrators of US state courts, as having been “prolific in his production of influential scholarly articles, ground-breaking education curricula, innovative protocols and toolkits, [as having] served as the foremost ambassador and crusader for the cause of self represented litigants in the United States; and [as one whose] service has been marked by exceptional accomplishments which have benefited innumerable litigants and courts throughout the nation.”

I have also focused on national strategic planning for access to justice, the creation of user-friendly Internet software to facilitate access to the courts, and the development of outcome measures. I live at Collington, a retirement community in Bowie, MD with my wife Joan, a retired lawyer and expert on domestic violence, who has Parkinson’s disease. I blog, commenting often on comparisons between our health and legal systems.

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