Patient First Technology

The AMA blog has a post under the fascinating title “Patient First Technology”

It reports that Harvey Fineberg, MD, president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, has urged the use of technology to put patients first.

He urges:

  • “Educating the public so that every individual knows what their entitlement is for the control of their own care and their own life destiny.
  • “Looking at the payment system, because if the payment system is going to pay up to, let’s say, $100,000 for a pill you need to extend your life … but will not pay for hot meals delivered to your home, we have a problem.
  • “Better development of the workforce; we need clinicians, doctors, and nurses who understand that the goals of the patient are what we begin and end with. . .
  • “Design model programs in communities, because institution-based systems will not solve this problem. . .
  • “A monitoring system to track the workforce and make sure the public is fully educated and prepared to do their part as well.”

Agreed, and excellent points.

But what’s special about technology that makes this possible? Some suggestions.

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