An Important Thought on Patient-Partnered Research – Different Environments

As the conversation about patient centered (or perhaps patient partnered) research heats up, I would like to make one simple point. This thought was inspired by the discussions at the excellent recent Summit on Patient Priority Care Research Agenda

It is very important that our pilots of patient centered care, particularly those that look at the impact of different measures and different financial incentives, are conducted in a variety of environments. It might be, for example, that financial incentives play out very differently in nonprofit than in profit-making institutions. Or, they might not. But it would be very dangerous if generalizations developed in one type of environment were applied in a different kind of environment without very careful thought.

It might also be, for example, that the real differences are between providers that are in a near monopoly situation, and those that are in highly competitive environments as to price and quality.

So we need a variety of pilots and laboratories.


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